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Action Needed! Charlestown Needs a Master Plan!






Charlestown is in a transformative period: large-scale
developments, both residential & commercial are planned and
proposed individually, with little oversight.


Charlestown has been bombarded with development meetings and reviews for both private and public
works projects. We’ve struggled to keep on top of all of it, and worry that there isn’t a lot of big picture oversight, coordination or phasing especially oversight that involves the community. Each
meeting is critical as multiple variances to our zoning and building codes are sought and obtained.


We are writing to ask for your support of our quest for a Master Plan study to be
done by the BPDA.


A Master Plan for Charlestown will provide a framework for new growth & development on the
neighborhood’s perimeter, and will protect and enhance the historic residential core. The plan will be
derived through a community-led workshop process. The goal is to preserve, protect and enhance
the quality of life in Charlestown while also advocating for improvements.


Every group, and every resident will have a voice in the process. We look forward to open meetings
with robust discussion about what we’d like to see changed or added to our charming neighborhood.
Our collective voice is powerful and will influence Charlestown’s future. But first – we need your
signature and support so that the BPDA will allocate funds and grant our request for a Master Plan
of Charlestown.


This is a community-wide quest – you will be contacted by multiple groups, all with only
one common goal: A MASTER PLAN for CHARLESTOWN!



Please sign a petition to support our quest for a Master Plan.


CPS recently sent a letter to Brian Golden, Director of Boston’s Planning and Development Agency. We outlined the need, and requested a solution: a Master Plan, a zoning study and better protections for our Historic Buildings.


Click here to sign


CPS’s Master Plan quest in the news:

Time for a Landmark? CPS to Ask for Master Plan and Landmarks District

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