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Please Take a 30 Second Survey Now to Protect Charlestown's Future

The Boston Planning and Development Authority (BPDA) is in the process of planning the future of Charlestown as well as solving for our current needs. It is important that the community’s voice is heard and incorporated. The 02129 Neighbor Alliance is conducting a survey that will provide data points to compare with the BPDA’s summary of the needs and priorities for Charlestown. Please take the survey now and share with neighbors and friends – everyone who lives and or works in Charlestown!









Our neighborhood of Charlestown is in a transformative period and the pressures of economic development must be balanced against preserving and strengthening our residential neighborhood. Our community needs a comprehensive master plan establishing the framework for future development in Charlestown and ensuring our voice is recognized before development occurs. Our community cannot let commercial interests alone shape our neighborhood’s future. Massive development cannot continue without a clear framework and vision for Charlestown.

Today, we are faced with confronting the collective impacts of several transformative development projects currently in design or planned for the near future. The largest of these projects include the 1.7M square foot Hood Park redevelopment, the 3.3M square foot OneCharlestown project and the planned development of publicly-owned parcels in Sullivan Square. Moreover, the completion of the Encore Casino and ongoing development in Assembly Square and North Point Cambridge continue to place more demand on local roadways.
While the City of Boston has undertaken a transportation study focused on Sullivan Square and the Rutherford Avenue corridor, there has yet to be a coordinated and comprehensive neighborhood-level planning study looking at how these transformative development projects will interrelate and collectively impact our community. The lack of any substantial framework for ongoing and future development has resulted in a project-by-project approvals process and extemporary amendments to existing zoning to meet individual developer’s needs, rather than the community as a whole.
Please sign to support CPS’s request to BPDA for a Master Plan of Charlestown.

BPDA - Charlestown needs a Master Plan!

Charlestown needs a comprehensive MASTER PLAN establishing a framework for responsible growth and development.

We, the undersigned ask the Mayor, our elected officials and the BPDA to perform a Master Plan Study of Charlestown with community-wide input.

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864 signatures = 35% of goal

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