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Tribute to Bill Lamb

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The passing of Bill Lamb was a tremendous loss not only to his family and friends but to historic preservation and the entire community of Charlestown. Bill was a tireless advocate for Charlestown, working for over forty years to preserve Charlestown’s historic buildings, landmarks and unique architectural character.


As you read these pages, you will hear stories from the early 1970s to his recent efforts to influence the design of One Charlestown. The Charlestown Preservation Society is proud to recognize Bill’s lasting impact on our Town and his commitment to retaining its special character for generations to come.


As the longtime leader of the CPS Design Review Committee, Bill had an impact on so many. Bill left us all amazing gifts that we enjoy as we take a morning run, push a stroller up the street or drive to the supermarket. Often without realizing it we are experiencing his tireless efforts to protect and preserve our Town from City Square to Sullivan Square, from Main Street to our short side streets, and from the Hurd Building to Memorial Hall. 

Everywhere we walk in Charlestown, we are likely experiencing a building that Bill helped to restore or advocated to preserve. And for the thousands of visitors who come to Charlestown every year, Bill’s efforts show on their faces as they admire our fine facades, stop to take pictures of our restored buildings or simply enjoy a few quiet moments in a park.


For those of us who saw him at town meetings, hearings or community events, Bill was that gentle but persistent voice reminding us that we have a legacy to preserve for Charlestown, for Boston and for our country.


Bill has left us a tremendous inheritance that we will work hard to honor as we work to retain Charlestown’s historic character for years to come. Please join us in celebrating Bill’s life.

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