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PLAN: Charlestown
Before there was Boston, there was Charlestown. As Boston’s first and oldest neighborhood, Charlestown is a rich and valuable repository of our city, state and national spirit.
With a proud history and a strong commitment to the ideal of community, Charlestown, in collaboration with City, State and Federal officials, is currently working to assemble and implement a Neighborhood Plan that will ensure the successful preservation of the neighborhood. This will be supported by a robust business community that ensures economic prosperity for all residents, the unsurpassed education of our children, and the advancement of sustainable environmental and public health and safety. Anchored by generations of longtime residents, buoyed by the more recent addition of young professionals, and enriched by a diverse population who have chosen to raise their families here, Charlestown’s future is indeed bright and promising.
Though essentially an island, Charlestown is connected to the greater Boston metropolitan area by centuries of development and growth, some good, some less so. It is the hope of thousands of citizens along with the more than 30 local organizations involved in and committed to a vibrant future that a neighborhood plan will not only enhance Charlestown, but also serve as a shining example of why Boston is one of the world’s most renowned places to live, work, and visit in the world. Read more!


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