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The Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS) maintains a database of Building Inventory Forms compiled by the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) with information on some historic properties and areas in the Commonwealth. In 1987 a large survey was commissioned and over 1,000 properties in Charlestown were included. Consulting MACRIS at www.MHC-MACRIS.NET will tell you if your property has a Building Inventory Form. Each survey includes different information, some properties have been thoroughly researched and include information on deeds, taxes and history. Others are not as complete. All are worth a read.
Thanks to Rob Dinsmore, each handwritten form has been transcribed and photographs and images from early maps and / or the Mallory Panoramic views of Charlestown have been added where appropriate. Forms will continue to be added until complete.


1 Adams St, 63 Winthrop St
2 Adams St
3 Adams St
4, 5, 6 Adams St
7, 8 Adams St
9-12 Adams St
13 Adams St
26, 28 Adams St
Adams Street
Chestnut Street
City Square
Common Street
16 Common,19 Putnam Street
Cordis Street
14 Green Street
Harvard Street
16 Harvard Street
27 Harvard Square
High Street
100 High Street
121,125-7 Main Street
18-34 Main Street
Monument Ave
15-45 Monument Ave
43 Monument Square
6 Mt Vernon Ave
Park Street
2 Pleasant Street
Pleasant Street
Putnam Street
2-4 Salem Street
Warren Street
53 Warren Street
Washington Street
Winthrop Street
Winthrop Square