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The Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System (MACRIS) maintains a database of Building Inventory Forms compiled by the Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) with information on some historic properties and areas in the Commonwealth. In 1987 a large survey was commissioned and over 1,000 properties in Charlestown were included. Consulting MACRIS at www.MHC-MACRIS.NET will tell you if your property has a Building Inventory Form. Each survey includes different information, some properties have been thoroughly researched and include information on deeds, taxes and history. Others are not as complete. All are worth a read.
Thanks to Rob Dinsmore, each handwritten form has been transcribed and photographs and images from early maps and / or the Mallory Panoramic views of Charlestown have been added where appropriate. Forms will continue to be added until complete.


1 Adams St, 63 Winthrop st
2 Adams St
3 Adams St
4, 5, 6 Adams st
7, 8 Adams st
9-12 Adams st
13 Adams St
26, 28 Adams