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Historic House Marker Application Form

Help Preserve the Historic Nature of Charlestown

The Charlestown Historic House Marker Program is a visual reminder of the individuals and families that have shaped our community.  It is also one of the most visible ways to illustrate the work and effort by Charlestown Preservation Society to preserve the historical nature of our neighborhoods. It is a unique way to recognize your historic house and share its history.

The program is critical to our mission of preserving Charlestown’s historic character and educating the public on the neighborhood’s history and wealth of historic buildings and sites. Since its inception, CPS has approved and installed approximately 240 Historic Markers on buildings in Charlestown.

The Criteria:
Bronze Historic House markers are issued to eligible buildings and homes in Charlestown.  The building must be at least 100 years old and retain most of its original character and natural building materials. The display of a marker on your home DOES NOT restrict material or structural changes to the building. It’s an honor system, we hope that you will continue to preserve the character defining features and materials for many years to come.

Applications are now being accepted—Due by June 30th

CPS accepts applications once a year, with a due date of June 30th and installation dates expected in the fall.

Some key dates to look out for:

  1. Conditional acceptance of your application (early July)
  2. Approval of application and request for marker content approval (late September)
  3. Template placement for location approval and installation of marker (October-November)

DIY- Yes! You can research the provenance of your home yourself.

Your home has a story to tell. Find out when your home was built, who built it, who lived there and how they may have altered it. Tracing the history of an old house can be a challenging – yet fascinating – journey. Anyone who takes this challenge on will be greatly rewarded. This guide will help you navigate the research process with the ultimate goal of establishing its original build date.

Tools that have come online just In the last year make It quicker and easier than ever before!

Start The Journey Now: CPS guide to researching your home


How much does it cost?

$410 for members.

$450 for non-members, includes a one-year membership in the cps.

$595 if we do the research for you.


For the first time, we are offering a larger marker with more descriptions for institutional buildings.  $850.00

We hope you get involved and join the Charlestown Historical Marker Program. We are available by email at with any questions regarding eligibility or research of your home.

We are looking forward to working with you on your application! Thank you again for your support of the Charlestown Preservation Society.

Application Instructions

1) Fill out marker application below.
2) Attach a photo of your house.
3) Include documentation showing its year of construction.
4) Provide Payment

Please provide as much of the following information as you can:

    **Historic House name from MACRIS, Name of original owner or builder. This information cannot exceed 30 letters and spaces.
    *Required Field

    *(file support formats jpg,gif,png and bmp only)


    Complement your home's historic exterior with house numbers that complement your historic house marker. The Charlestown Preservation Society's house numbers are bronze finished in satin brass to match our markers.

    • Surface Mounted on brick, stone, or wood with concealed mounts – no unsightly screws to see.

    • Available in 3 sizes (inquire for custom sizing) 2”, 4” and 6” tall – each a quarter inch thick.

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    • We will install your house numbers for free with the purchase of a Historic House Marker.

    Pricing is per number - an address for 45 Main St requires the purchase of two numbers, 451 Main St requires three numbers, and so on.

    Quantity of house numbers needed:


    Street Address :


    CPS reserves the right to make final determination of eligibility for a marker, construction date, and wording placement. If the exact date can't be determined, "c" for circa is placed before the date. If it's determined that your house isn't eligible for a marker we'll let you know promptly. CPS plans to amplify basic eligibility guidelines to help owners understand house documentation needs, placement issues, and what exactly "original character" means, particularly in regard to materials (wood, stone or brick) that would have been on the original house. This information can be found on this website here.